What geographic area will the MBC perform work?

Marchuska Glass will work within a 100 mile radius of Endicott, New York. Special arrangements can be made for areas outside this radius.

What Projects have Marchuska Glass LLC completed in the past?

Please refer to our portfolio or contact us at info@marchuskaglass.com for references.

Is Marchuska Glass insured and bonded?

Marchuska Glass is bonded and insured. Because Marchuska Glass is insured for commercial projects so our insurance exceeds the requirements for residential and small projects. Marchuska Glass will provide an insurance binder to a prospective client upon request.

Does Marchuska Glass provide financing?

Marchuska Glass has developed relationships with the area’s largest financial institutions that can provide the financial support to get your building project off the ground. Marchuska Glass does not offer financing to clients at this time.

Does Marchuska Glass provide a warranty on their services?

Marchuska Glass will provide a warranty on selected services. MBC will explain what is, and what is not covered and the length of time of coverage. Warranties are provided on an individual basis depending on the specifications of a given project.

Does Marchuska Glass supply and install custom glass shower enclosures?

Yes. Marchuska Glass can furnish and install a framed or frameless custom enclosure. Contact Dan Wasson for more information.

Can Marchuska Glass furnish and install mirrored walls for various uses?

Yes. We can install one mirror panels or an entire wall. Marchuska Glass will utilize the appropriate fasteners and anchor system for a secure installation.

Does Marchuska Glass fabricate and install new commercial storefronts?

Yes. We can fabricate commercial storefront windows and door systems in various colors and styles. We also sell storefront system units material only for customer installation.

Does Marchuska Glass furnish and install residential mirrors?

Yes. We can furnish and install polished or beveled mirrors anywhere in your home. As with all of our products we install, we offer material only sales to home owners with special pricing for contractors.